Sunday, October 28, 2012

random scribbling~

Good evening folks!

There's another loooong weekend for Kelantan again, credited to our Malay friends for this 4 days in a row Haji holiday:)  However, as we're turning into adults and carry more responsibility, as in a medical student in clinical year, holiday don't really feel like holiday anymore because we still need to go for oncalls, OTs and cover cases in wards. But i don't think that its a bad thing either, can u imagine just sitting in the room and studying orthopedic for 4 days??? Learning from the patients is much more interesting and efficient than reading textbook, this is really true! Even at times i may feel lazy to lift up my butt to go to ward, but i will never regret when i got back to my room after that=)

So the first week of Orthopedic posting has ended. What can i say? Its another nice posting to me, but not awesome YET, maybe because its just the first week. Im really lucky to have a nice supervisor and an examiner whom according to senior, is quite Benign, if you can understand what i mean, haha! I witnessed the first orthopedic operation and everything was just so cool! LOL~ Im sorry, i think i might need to hide some of my excitement but OT is definitely a place that i'll never grow bored.

Ooyea! Another thing worth mentioning is that one of my best friend from KMPh-Mr CY will spend 3 months of practical for his Pharmacy course here in my campus! So happy to see him, and nothing has really changed! We went for dinner together and also with Angie and her friend, so we get to know new friends while having a reunion at the same time:)  That was a nice dinner and funny chatter to catch up on each other's life, shall come out "yumcha" again before he leaves!haha!

Its all about Italian for this weekend!!!
Creamy mushroom shell pasta with sweet peas^^

Okay, shall rest earlier today. More challenges to be faced in the coming days, weeks and years...But who cares? The future is so uncertain that everything we planned will never happen the way they should be, so STOP worrying about the future and live in the Now, don't live in the Future, and don't ever live in the Past either...

good night=)

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