Friday, October 19, 2012

the end of Surgery posting

Greetings from me:)
Although Kelantan is immersed by rainy season these days
but I hope that your mood is not as grey as the sky out there

"When one has a lot of mindfulness it's like going out into a garden in the brilliant sunshine. It's energising, it's beautiful. There's a lot of energy and happiness there. If one can develop that mindfulness, that brightness of the mind, and then focus it on a small part of the world, then one sees deeply into the nature of that. The experience of bright and focused awareness is wonderful and amazing! You see much more beauty than you ever imagined.

So this is a useful simile for mindfulness: turning up the lights of the mind. One becomes more deeply aware because one actually starts to sustain mindfulness on one thing instead of letting mindfulness go all over the place. When that happens, mindfulness illuminates that object and builds up its own energy. One really starts to "see" into something very deeply and wonderfully!"

Well this is such a great way to start a new blog post!
by sharing of some words of wisdom by some great spiritual teacher:)

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Another 3 weeks have passed since my previous update! I'd love to post update in every weekends but i can hardly find enough free time to compose. Now, at last, after my end posting exam for Surgery im having a short weekend break before entering Orthopaedic posting!

Group photo taken with our Surgery posting coordinator, Dr Nizam(sat just behind me) right after the end posting exam.

So im feeling so grateful and fortunate to have such nice, cooperative and mostly hardworking group members for my remaining clinical years. My senior was right when he told me that Surgery is indeed a good start because it creates enough pressure and momentum for you to start off Clinical Year, yet you won't feel too stressful as compared to other scarier posting such as O&G. The most important thing is that Surgery department in HUSM has lots of awesome specialists, MO's and registrars who were mostly very keen to teach! In spite of their hectic workload, they still care for the patients whole-heartedly and that was such an inspiring scene to see, not forgetting to mention that they were really helpful in teaching and clearing our doubts and sometimes stupid questions. Haha! Really, i can't feel thankful enough for them:)

From this year onwards, our MD exams are no longer the same as what we used to have from 1st-3rd year. If you never fulfill your responsibility of clerking the cases in wards, read the patient's folder and ask questions during ward rounds or clinical teaching, you might not be able to tackle the end posting exam efficiently, simply because you really don't have much free time to study in your room anymore! I also learned that by seeing the real patients, my knowledge does impinged deeper in my memory when compared to seeing at the photos of patients inside the textbook. Although going to the ward and clinics were tiring, but somehow i regain my spirit shortly after seeing the patients. And i actually had my first experience of Scrubbing-in to assist during my first OT, and it was a case of Hernioplasty. I still remembered the doctor gave me an opportunity of feeling the deep inguinal ring by inserting my finger into it and feel for the bowels. Oh how much i will miss this exciting, energetic and ever interesting posting!

Nevertheless, im looking forward to the next posting--> Orthopaedic! Lets hope for the best=)

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Credited to Angie, today we had an opportunity to follow a kind and compassionate doctor to do free clinic and house-calls. The free clinic was held at a forest monastery so it was a BONUS for us to visit the monastery, paying respects and learning dhamma from Maechee and Bhante over there! When there was no patients to be treated, we just helped around in the chores of the monastery like gardening and moving sand for constructions. Such a well day spent at doing charity and serving others, for me its a great way to reduce the sense of Self. This forest monastery was built over a cemetery area, well-kept, full of flowers and trees and full of Dhamma=nature.The moment we stepped on the ground, we were just feeling so peaceful and calm. This is the reason why i don't feel like stopping in learning the Dhamma, because of the calm, feeling at ease and the peaceful mind. Our minds can work wonder if you know the way of cultivating it towards wholesomeness. Im just a beginner in Buddhism and very keen to learn more and more Dhamma:)

A forest monastery near Tanah Merah

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                     Last but not least, its always my Cooking Day in weekends!^^

                  Taco wraps with omelette with fresh capscicum and salad greens. 

Peanut and dried scallops porridge with pickled "choy sum"

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