Wednesday, November 26, 2014

HO life


its been a long while! Well i guess when life gets so comfortable it never trigger your creative part of your brain to work & write... As expected, holiday after i passed my final MD exam was a bliss. Been travelling with my uni besties to Vietnam & Cambodia, also spent some quality time for meditation retreats. Nevertheless, most of the sweetest time were spent with my beloved family. However, life is not forever a bed of roses, when the time has come we move on to the next phase of life=working!

To be honest, I love my job. Been feeling so much alive after started working. I knew from the very beginning that a doctor's job isn't easy, but i never imagined it to be this tough! Those stories that i thought were rumours are actually quite true. During the first 2 weeks of so called "tagging" period, we work for 17 hours a day. Most of the days we didn't get the chance to have lunch/dinner simply because the ward works were never been finished. Yea I learnt how to write faster, to jog instead of walk, to talk faster, to poke veins more accurately & suck the blood out the speediest way. Those were not been easy to me, since im the kinda person who prefer to work at my own pace steadily calmly peacefully. One can never stops learning isn't it? :)

Of course, it takes much love & courage to work in this profession. A patient who came in with burnt wound was yelling in pain, when you tried to clean & debride the wound, he yelled so much louder. Sometimes, we just have to be stone-hearted for our patient's sake. It is so important to stay calm & complete our procedure fast. I tried my best to care for my patients, when i cannot stop their pain, at least i can offer some comfort by holding their hands.

There isn't any existence of the perfect job in this world. Its up to you to perceive it that whether your job is great or sucks. I received negative emotions/comments/words, but i also learnt much from them. So far im utmost thankful to have really helpful colleagues & bosses that were willing to teach & tolerate my mistakes.

Thats all for this time, gotta rest before starting my night shift followed by another morning shift. For my fellow colleagues & university mates, may we work with positive mind filled with love & care each day! :D

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