Thursday, February 4, 2010

feathery light

finally my 3rd term exam has over...
the moment i stepped out from the main exam hall
i feel like flying...
so free
so light
owh i love this feeling~

erm i am not going to comment anything about my performance in the exam as i believe the result will prove it all...just wanna share with you guys that the only thing that's different about this exam is that it consisted of an OSPE(Objective Structured Practical Examination),which i may consider it be one of my favourite exam model,because it really tested your knowledge within a limited time and to train us future doctors to be calm however tension the situations are...

it's like this...
the exam is carried out in our laboratory where there are 12 stations where we have to complete every tasks given in the stations(kinda similar to station games^^)...the time given for each station is only 3 minutes...tasks given are such as urinary function tests with data interpretations,lung function tests,microscopic slides identifications,anatomy models labellings,first aid knowledges such as CPR and splinting etc etc...
hhmmm~what can i say...its fun!^^

the 3 days of revisions days given are spent more or less the same as the previous ones i had except that i went jogging everyday!!!i enjoyed the short 30minutes break i spent to jog my lungs out around the jogging track in my campus which surrounds the golf course...i enjoyed the sweaty feelings after the jog...i enjoyed the fresh mind i had when i resumed my revisions...hhmmm~this proves that exercise did supply more oxygen to your brain!

i usually jog from 6.30-7pm...the sunset period when i captured this...nice huh

right now im enjoying my hard-earned free time to the fullest!!!
another 2 days for me to sit back and relax and to do things that i enjoy doing...
Endocrine Block starts on sunday
im sure i will be fully-charged that time

ps...i miss home i miss home i miss home!!!can't wait to go home...counting down...7 days more~

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