Saturday, February 27, 2010

a mixture of various spices

i know that its an immoral act to speak badly about others
but what if everything i told are all the truth?
and that i just need somebody to share the weight on my shoulder?
im sorry


STPM result was released few days ago
and i felt deeply happy for my friends who managed to obtain excellent result
congrates and wish that i will meet some of you in USMkk this coming intake^^

for my buddies who's not satisfied with their result
i know its hard but when something irreversible happened
we can do nothing but to accept it
rise and fall are what make life rich


there are only 2 sets of lecture notes left untouched for my Endocrine Block
this means that my progress was slow but efficient, hopefully
tomorrow will be starting another new block--Nutrition Block
owh~this is something i dislike, again
so i can only hope that it will turn out alright^^

in the meantime...
my Professional 1 Exam is just around the corner(it's on 25th April!!)
yet i haven't started my revision
frankly speaking im not feeling nervous, yet
but seniors keep on reminding us to do revision from now on
i'll try my best to start my revision as soon as possible
i promise=)


yesterday night was the Indian Cultural Night 2010@USMkk, hosted by our fellow indian mates...
it was somehow similar to our CNY Night i would say
the performances were great and creative
well only the food was...erhem
anyway...such a great job they did!!

their cool backdrop

 pretty indian friend of ours

gupreet, lakchmy and i

simran, my teammate for convex and i

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