Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A message to myself: cherish

I was born as a human being
with a healthy body
and a healthy mind

I have a loving family
Daddy & mummy who love me unconditionally
and little mischievous brother and sister who always fight but also laugh with me

Because of my father's hardwork, sweat and tears
there's never a need to starve
and we are able to enjoy the food we like
we can afford to buy new clothes occasionally
and some electronic items that we need like my laptop and Samsung S2

Im studying Medicine in one of the best local university in Malaysia
Im able to pursue my dream to become a doctor
A profession that i wished to become since I was 15 years old

I have many friends
those who will be there to share my laughter, tears
and sometimes, anger;P

My family & I are happy Buddhists
We're practising the dhamma which is the Buddha's teaching
and we have some great spiritual teachers in life

With all these...
what more should I ask for?

Im truly a lucky girl
with such good kamma
thus I should not let myself to live heedlessly

You should cherish everything that you're having right now.
Do not take anything for granted.
Because everything is impermanent,
do not wait till the day when you lost something then only you regret.

Its indeed an easy word to forget.
Especially when we're not mindful enough.

From today onwards,
Lets train our heart to be able to see 
and cherish everything in our life:)

Ps, I love to have a walk in nature.They calm down and clear my mind of daily junks, eventually letting me to see so many things so clearly


  1. walking in nature is great, but jogging with your formal suit is just a bit weird haha.

  2. sshhH~

    just once in a while...just let me^^