Thursday, March 7, 2013

medical end posting

Finally, and yet once again, another 6 weeks of major posting>>Medical posting has passed! Definitely no doubt that i was once intimidated by other's warnings about my supervisor, and was trying so hard not to let my perception being too affected by others. Because of the fear others was trying to instill in me, i turned that into some kinda energy that motivated me to keep on working hard, not because of im afraid of failing in my exam with my supervisor. But just wanna prove to myself: if i learn as much as i can, if i tried my best and acquired the knowledge that i should know as a future doctor, if i behave as a nice humble medical student, there's no way that he could penalize me. Looking back, im generally satisfied with what i did during these 6 weeks. This was by far the busiest posting i ever had, the most challenging and also the most knowledge gained!:) From the commonest cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, to kidney, endocrine and infectious diseases. The knowledge in medical field is like a bottomless hole, you can never finish learning.

And then, there were times that I was feeling really stressed. I took my bicycle and went outdoor for a ride. The sky was blue and stretching wide, sun was shining bright, pretty flowers died. A sudden thought came to my mind, that everything is impermanent. This stress that im facing is impermanent, any emotion is impermanent, this life is impermanent, this body is impermanent. Only then i realised how heedless i was. Most of the time we're just like that, we tend to see any problem with a magnifying glass, imagining them like they're the worst thing that ever happened in our life. If we're being mindful enough, we will not get cheated by this negative state of mind.

Well, enough of my long-winded story i guess...
Shall share my story with you by some nice pics=)

My cutie partner Grace. We shared the same supervisor in the medical posting. We worked hard, played hard and laughed hard together! LOL~ Really fun to have good posting groupmates^^

On the very last day of medical posting, at the very last short case session at Hospital Kota Bharu, we had an awesome and fruitful time learning from a great doctor! After that we decided to go for supper as celebration...tried this famous BURGER BAKAR!!! It tasted real nice, much nicer than Mc Donald's i think:)

And just now I just got back from buddy Mike's birthday celebration...Found another nice western food restaurant in KB! Wow, nowadays we can really find some nice food in Kelantan already:)))

I think that's about it for today! Need to rest earlier tonight because tomorrow gotta get up earlier in the morning to cook something for dana offering, so happy! Yay^^ Will touch up more with you guys soon! I haven't even share with you guys about my awesome CNY holiday! Anyway, please stay tuned! More coming up soon cz I'll be entering quite a relaxing posting>>Psychiatry! Can't wait!:D

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  1. hmm. ya let's feed the soul instead :D the body is impermanent but the soul last forever. happy be early birthday.