Friday, July 9, 2010

life has to move on

dear ladies and gentlemen,you're now reading a live telecast post from Crystal Lounge Hotel in Kelantan

i had an absolutely great day today!despite the fact that our journey actually led to Kelantan...i just signed in facebook and got to know that its a big possibility that i'll be placed into a sixduple hostel room!!!such a nightmare!!!!!quaduple room is crowded and noisy enough,sixduple???six girls in a tiny room???i hope USMkk is just kidding around with us...anyway,after being treated so unfairly throughout my life,im preparing myself mentally and will accept the cruel arrangement anyway

so i'll register into my new hostel,2nd phase of my MD programme tomorrow morning...i'll be turning right into a busy beeee tomorrow i know,with the usual piling lecture notes and activities...and right now im enjoying my final relaxing moment,blogging in the air-conditioned hotel whilst listening to my parents' snoring:)

during my final week of hols i had no regrets for what i did...i took a train to KL alone(im a big girl now^^) to meet up with my godbro,his wife and son whom just back from Austria...i had a really great time and nice food with 'em...and for my family,my parents especially i tried my best to cherish the moments i spent with 'em...and for my doggies,i bid farewell to 'em and told 'em to behave well when im gone...O touch-wood touch-wood,im just leaving to study,but leaving after 2months stay at home can be quite emotional...sob sob

my godbro with his wife-Ade

their cheeky son-Nicholas

Gosh i'll miss 'em...

we were having lunch at Zanmai Jap Restaurant^^

my Godsis' little devil-Brownie

Candy & Cody

taken this hours ago at Belum Resort,the place where we will passby everytime when we go from Ipoh to Kelantan,the superb place for our high-tea^^

and...HAHAHA,my new Crocs,not an imitation if you can notice,my left Croc is being punched holes by Brownie=.=...
i my crocs

Hhmmm~i think this is about it grateful for the 2 months hols i had and surprisingly,im not wishing for more hols,because life has to move on,i'll soon graduate in 4 years time as a medical doctor and for that,i have the duty to continue studying for as hard as i could...hols are just a short break for you to recharge but not a discharge from reality...Oh,didn't i sound mature???=)

praying hard for my double room hostel,still...

gute nacht

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