Sunday, August 1, 2010

Penang here i come^^

this will be the last post before heading to Penang!=)

yep~after much struggling...hardworks...sleepless nights...anger...laughter...worries...we're finally leaving to USM Main Campus in Penang to held a health exhibition there during the convocation week!!honestly speaking,i just can't help feeling excited because
it's my first time to take part in a health exhibition
i'll be visiting the USM main campus and will get to meet my friends there:)
i'll get to do some shopping and eating in penang,which is one of my fav state!^^

ooyea,did i mention that im in the Neurology Station???everybody is welcomed to visit my station ya!!and i'll try my best to explain to you guys everything(hopefully) about the brain...hehe...we'll be emphasizing on 4 main topics mainly,Stroke,Backache,Migraine and Parkinson's Disease...and im now trying my best to read as much as i could on these topics so that i'll not be giving wrong informations to the publics...

the Convex(convocation exhibition) preparation works are indeed hectic and pressurizing and full of challenges and frictions,but THANK GOD we've made it let's pray for a successful exhibition there then...from this moment onwards til the exhibition ends i just wanna clear my previous not-so-pleasant memories with somebody and try to enjoy the entire trip as much as i could

time's getting late...its time to bed so that i can wake up early tomorrow morning to read up on more neurology articles...cheers to everyone and have a good night rest ya

good luck

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