Friday, September 3, 2010


halo world=D

ever since the fasting month for muslims has started
i never visited the bazaar before till today^^

let's count...
i ate:
kuih manja
goreng cempedak
spicy+sweety popiah
anddd sugar cane juice!!!^^

owh i enjoy going to pasar malam,the bazaar in kelantan here included!=)
love the varieties
love the atmosphere
but i ALWAYS have hard time choosing what i wanna eat
because basically everything just looked sooo yummy to me!!!@.@

♥   ♥   ♥
ooyea i went to clerk another patient with respiratory case today
today's case was lung cancer
everytime when i go to the hospital to do clerking
i'll return to my hostel,feeling depressed...
i just can't help feeling sad for those patients
am i being too sensitive/emotional???
medical students out there...
anybody sharing the same feeling as mine?

vivian,you need to be a stronger person...
mentally stronger than the patient,at least.

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