Thursday, September 2, 2010

rare case

once in a blue moon...
when im free,like now...
i'll create 2 posts in 1 day:)

well,remember what i told you in previous post that i need to push my bicycle to a bicycle shop outside,far away from my campus to repair the punctured tyre???i found an unfortunate friend sharing the same fate as mine,both with punctured back tyre...and so both of us were trying to push our bicycles past the security gate,and mind you,it wasn't an easy job you know,you need to kinda drag the bicycle along the way...BUT!!!luckily,we met a senior half-way,right before the security gate,he actually told us that there is bicycle repair service provided in USMkk near the Sport Complex!!!


a million thanks to that senior,who suddenly came out from nowhere,bumped into us at the right time and the right place...if not i wonder how many hours will it takes for both my friends and i to drag our bicycles to the bicycle shop??? was such a NICE coincidence,which God arranged it nicely for us hehe^^

so sometimes you just couldn't deny that God is really looking after you,no matter what your religion are,your God maybe Jesus,Buddha or Allah...they will definitely stop you when they found out that you're actually doing the stupid-est thing in the world!!!Thanks Buddha,sadhu sadhu sadhu=)

by the way,after sending our bicycle for repair,my friend and i went to Pizza Hut,owh how satisfactory was the dinner just now!!!we shared 1 mini pizza set of Island Supreme,1 bowl of salad(which we tried to stack as high as possible) and also 1 ala carte of Chili Tuna Roll...and we went shopping at the 2 hypermarkets opposite USMkk...and i ultimately found out that there's a new Watson shop opened!!!welcome to modern world everyone!!^^...and guess what,i bought riceeee!!!to cook porridge...and barley and red beans...hhmmm~i think my cooking skill is really improving,especially during this puasa month when non-muslims need to hunt for their own foodXD

im telling you guys in such an honest way that i really didn't study much today,even i had plenty of time,just so not in the mood...i only touched a lil bit about pleural effusion,hemothorax,pneumothorax and chylothorax,and these are all about the unusual substances that somehow found their way into your pleural sac,the potential space that covers your lungs,and there are really,really interesting topics to read im gotta zzz now so that i'll have 100% concentration to study tomorrow morning,owh i really prefer to study in the morning than at night...i'll be going to clerk another respiratory case tomorrow,just for practice purpose,so wish me luck everybody:D

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