Tuesday, September 7, 2010

home,i can smell you^^

its getting nearer and nearer...
i can smell the perfumes in my car
i can smell my doggies' shampoo fragrance
i can smell my mummy's cooking
i can smell the flowery scent of my garden
i can smell... ...

i've been waiting for this days for sooo long!
my friends and i all agreed that the clock ticked abnormally slow in these few days

its been 2 long,tiring months you know
and i seriously need a break,from everything
without love & care & nutrients from home for 2 months time
i feel that my motivational level dropped as time goes

im wondering whether should i bring the books and notes to study at home?
a lil bit maybe...
but how much???
well from past history,i'll NEVER study ANY even if i bring home those papers
but since 2nd year is kinda tough and i predicted that after the raya hols i'll be too busy to study
i decided to study A BIT at home la~

but i actually prefer to live like a pig at home

happy hols everyone!!! 

with lovepig

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