Sunday, September 5, 2010

im l❤vin' it

owh teach me how to say "NO" to Mc Donald'sXD

im super duper full and satisfied now=)
yesterday i was eating in such a healthy way(carrot porridge)
BUT today i filled my stomach with Mc Donald's!!!
such ironic...

i had Big N' Tasty medium set meal with fries and coke
and also 5 pieces of chicken nuggets
because they are having a raya delivery promotion...
that is you'll get 20 pieces of free chicken nuggets if your delivery order >RM45
and we found 5 Mc Donald's maniacs to achieve this amount

so tasty
but so unhealthy
why,just WHY tasty food is never healthy???

✿   ✿   ✿
i should stop complaining and saying that i have no mood to study because the date of going home is getting nearer and nearer...OWH VIVIAN OOI!!!can't you see that it's a STUPID excuse???i must really put a full stop on it and start to study once i completed this post...
if i finish studying every lecture notes now i'll not need to study at home!!!
my hols will be spent on playing and eating the whole day!!!


  1. Hey,vivian,I edi settle my things edi..I edi spit things out with my roommate edi..
    we okay no nid worry... =)

  2. good,good...glad to hear that

    hehe,i'll find sometime to kepoh with you if got chance kay=)