Saturday, May 14, 2011

gear up,ready,GO!

been spending the past few days to cover those unread lecture notes

and from this moment onwards(right after i finished blogging^^)
my revision schedule starts!!!
i have 15 days right before the exam
minus 3 days of CFCS "masuk kampung"
there are only 12 days left

im sure that i can finished revising within 12 days
but how long/good i can remember everything?
nah~im starting to create pressure on myself again
maybe this is me
who always try to push beyond my own limits

both of my daddy mummy asked me to only aim for PASS
i'll bear in mind for that
cause i don't wanna make my life so miserable
i mean...
how long can a person lives?
i don't wanna screw up the precious 3 weeks of my life just because of a term exam

sleep when im sleepy
jog when i couldn't concentrate
eat when im hungry
entertainments when im stressed
im gonna treat myself better this time
yet not tilting the balance away from the exam...

ENOUGH of the babblings!!!

let's gear up
and start the journey
jiayou everyone!!!=)

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