Saturday, May 21, 2011

first residency for CFCS

to my dearest freshie readers, 

CFCS actually stands for Community and Family Case Study Programme. It's a pre-requisite subject for USM's medical students in order to pass the pre-clinical year. There will be four residencies in total, which means that we'll be entering the village that we're assigned to for four times, each time with different missions. 

during our first residency, which i've just completed today, we were given a mission to walk around the kampung, draw the housing map of it, tag all the houses, and then we will randomly choose ~150 houses to do our survey on the villagers' health status. After interviewing 150 families, we need to key in all the data systematically, analyze it and then choose the most prominent health problem among the villagers to do further survey during the second residency on september.


welcome to...
Kampung Berangan & Kampung Banggol Jenereh

before starting our journey, we were waiting for USM Bus outside the girl's hostel...
everybody LOOKED so enthusiastic, yet a lil bit reluctant.
reason?the exam is just around the corner!!!and you're pushing us into a VILLAGE, for 3 days!!!
LOL~but we turned out to be enjoying the whole process, well, at least i did^^

passing by a long-stretch of pretty paddy field on the way to the village...
it looked like the place where Jay's MV 稻香 was taken!!!

after greeted by the friendly penghulu and the villagers...
our mapping and interview walks begun...
sometimes, it rains.
but most of the time, the Sun was just right above our head!
well, i got a severe headache during the 1st day because of the heat...

the happiest hour???it's ALWAYS the makan time...hehehe
our penghulu was so extremely friendly and we were treated 3 niceee meals each day!!!
looked at all the tired faces after a looong day of walking under the sun, visiting houses asking questions, and getting their body measurements...

and on the very last day, the penghulu even asked the villagers to cook a "Kenduri" for us!!!
the food was extremely tasty!some, are completely NEW to me^^

i've learnt quite alot of things during these 3 days...
no1 is definitely to eat by using my hand!
no2 is...i think i've acquired, at least, a bit of Kelate slang of speaking Malay!!!^^

Yea, as i've mentioned just now, we were actually kinda not-so-happy when we got to know that we are the 2nd batch who will be entering the village during the study week period. i think i might be the only one prefer this arrangement because i'll be getting a short break from the lecture notes and have something to divert my dull and stressful emotions away, for 3 days...

and now,the thing has over! 
im glad that my group members are well-cooperated and efficient on getting our job done! 
hopefully this thing will elevate my spirit to strive and work hard for my exam next week!!!

i can smell my study spirit burning within me LOL
im getting my ass back to my lecture notes, right now!
in the meantime, no more blogpost til my exam finishes on 2nd June!!!
don't miss me too much

good luck and all the best for the exam
from vivian

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