Friday, October 7, 2011

learning to live=)

its a leisure afternoon
just had a packet of nasi lemak FOC!!!
ooops i actually paid RM10 for that=.=

RM10(because im one of the AJK)
=seminar on "public speaking" by a super lame speaker+symposium+Course Night of Faculty of Medicine
=3 merit points

for non-committees,your charge will be RM30!!!
not everybody could afford this don't ya think...
but you'll be surprised by the merit points-obsessive crowd
because no merits=no hostel
this is the equation

this ends up...

christian people attending buddhist society's AGM
buddhist people attending christian fellowship's AGM
wushu people attending taekwando club's meeting
everybody turning up in whatever event that grant merit points
they turned up,signed attendence,stay for 5 minutes and leave

*     *     *

Sorry for the yelling just now,i promise that this will be the last time of me losing myself to furious-ness. I've been borrowing self-help books from the library recently,and attended Dhamma talk organised by Buddhist Society,although i wasn't able to attend every dhamma classes due to CFCS,i did learn alot from the 2 hours of talk. 

things that worth pondering:
-Everything in life changes(无常).
-Don't be over-obsessed by money and material things.
-Those material thingy can't bring you true happiness.
-Do not deny anything absolutely,be flexible.
-The way to true happiness is to understand the meaning of life.
-Do not let your vision be clouded by $$,earn it through the right way that benefit others.
-Instead of spending your whole life in chasing $$,we should just earn enough for a living.
-For the rest of the time,spend it with your family/loved ones.
-Spend some time to upgrade your inner-self.
-Cherish,those who're still with you.
-Let go,when the time comes,because if there's life,there's death.

These are what i understood and learned from the Dhamma talk by 继持法师.These are really powerful thoughts,at least it changes the way i think and act now,and it makes me a better,happier person:)

Oh i also mentioned about those self-help books i borrow from library right?Nope im not suffering from any dilemma etc,merely wish to make good use of the leisure time now to strengthen my mind,and inner-self,don't think i'll have time reading these books once Communicable Disease Block starts...So,"S.U.M.O" is a really motivational book,it actually stands for Shut Up,Move On! I haven't finished reading it yet,cz wanna digest the information slowly into my head.Hehe! The book that i've finished and enjoyed reading was "The 100 simple secrets of Happy People",it consisted of short stories,and evidence-based research on how you can live happily.

I wanna be a better person than yesterdays

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