Friday, June 5, 2009

i ♥ redang

departed from kl by 12am and reached kuala terengganu by 6.30am...this is the chinese village in kuala terengganu...looked so nice and clean!!=)

we had breakfast at this chinese cafe

the famous "little bread" in terengganu...yummy!

jetty at terengganu

my cutie cousin and he is a...ROCKER!!!haha

finally...reached redang island after about 2 hours boat ride...we stayed in this resort...

the marine nice!!^^

the turtle island
so sweet~

nice sea view from the resort

the sea at the resort we stayed in

crystal clear water with marine fishes inside!!!

the sea is by far my favourite

im richie ren, my bro is ah niu and my sis is guang liang...hahax!!=)
the more more tea inn...the place where ,<夏日的么么茶> is casted...

the more more tea inn sweet...
wakaka!!im jack sparrow!!
my parents & i
my daddy mummy...

my adorable bro & sis with their temporary tattoo
cutie cousin with his shark tatto

yeah~yeah~we are happy family!!

my siblings

~bon voyage redang~

on the way back home...i spotted this sunset...situated somewhere between terengganu and kota bharu...


  1. hey i ever go there, 夏日嬤嬤茶huh? =D
    if got chance try pulau perhentian ya ^^ the activities there not as much as at redang ,but not so crowded . peaceful . hahahxx

  2. ooo...okok...sure i'd like to go if i gt any chance!!=)