Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the show

it's a must to pay a visit to the hospital every morning...whenever im on my way to the lecture hall
and there will always be different scenes shown every morning,on each of everyday

it's like a show
sometimes i can see old patients enjoying their walk,accompanied by their grown-up child...
sometimes i can see mother hugging their new-born baby,smiling sweetly...

but,sometimes i can see sick,old people making their way to the clinic with great difficulties,alone...
and young patients sitting on the wheelchair with shaky limbs...
or perhaps,lost-looking family members grieving over their relative's death...

seeing this everyday is a good thing
they remind me to always be grateful with what i have


the feeling of homesick-ing is still over-whelming
so i decided to escape to home next week
im writing this here 'cz not much usm-ians are following my blog,can't let 'em know^^


does talking itself invites trouble?
if so i'll stop talking then

i hate being pointed fingers by others
as if it's all my fault
as if i purposely create the chaos
as if i enjoy secrets leakage
as if i don't care if people get hurt


in Respiratory System Block
i learned that the opening of nasolacrimal duct is in the anterior part of the inferior nasal meatus...
that's why whenever we cry we will have runny nose...
last time when i cry?
few days ago...
the reason why?
too embarassed to let you know

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