Tuesday, December 29, 2009

losing my sense of time

i've lost my sense of direction long long time ago...
everybody knows that...
and now i'm losing my sense of time...

i wake up early in the morning
have my breakfast and do some quick study
get ready and go for lectures
have my lunch and return to my room
try my best to skim through all the lecture notes
go for wushu training
and also string practise for Christmas Night 2009
return to my room at 12am
take my bath and sleep
the cycle is then repeated...

life is sooo hectic
till i gradually forget that today is already 29th Dec!!!
whether you like it or not
time does flies
so fast that you've never imagined

somehow between my cramped schedule i managed to grab some time to scribble down a little bit of my mind here...

3 more days to go before arriving 2010!!!
new year
new spirit
new revolution
new target
new me
i like it

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