Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a confession

halooo guys!! i just came back from my holiday trip to pulau perhentian and im still feeling like im floating in the sea...lol...im supposed to share my experience of my holiday with you guys in this post but something bombastic happened that i must blog about this happening first...

anyway...just like to share a nice pic with you guys first...more pics in the next post=)

okay...now im going to tell you guys something that i would consider it as the top ten bombastic happenings in my life...sit still kay...and stay calm...im selected for the VIVA-VOCE INTERVIEW!!!well...im sure some of you will be blurred about what im talking...it's actually an interview that only about 20 people will be selected to attend...these selected people are actually chosen by doctors and who had done well in the MD exam, which are the A's students...those students who manage to answer the questions thrown by 3 doctors,from anatomy,physiology and biochemistry departments respectively will be granted a title,the so-called VIVA DISTINCTION...

while i was enjoying the nice sea breeze this afternoon at perhentian island...somebody told me that i was selected for the interview...it must be a mistake,i said...or there maybe other people who has the same name as mine...to be frank,it's still hard to believe that i've got selected even till now!i mean i don't feel like one of 'em!other friends of mine who were also got selected they are usually those who scored A's in each and every term exams, i think im the only exception...to those who follow my blog they'll know that i only managed to obtain an A- in the last term exam...but anyhow,this is the truth that i have to accept...and the interview is on next morning,8.15am!!!OMG!!!how am i going to prepare for it???if i got harsh doctors or professors in tomorrow's interview,i will most certainly be scolded by 'em,because most of the facts that i've memorised are only short-term memories...i can never answer you if you ask me about the cranial nerves right now...and i don't feel like studying now,with my parents' permissions...hehe^^...but my daddy told me that i just need to try my best by answering it with those knowledge that stays in my head,'cause if studying last minute makes you an excellent student,then you aren't a good doctor...i guess my daddy's right;)

thinking and looking back...once when i first entered as a freshman,i used to dream and actually was aiming towards this interview...but failing to obtain A's in those term exams somehow taught me that im simply not bright enough to deserve it...but now,when im no longer aiming and working towards it,and i don't even want it 'cause i've already seal all my notes in a giant box...this thing come to me,as sudden as the tsunami...lol...i was thinking whether to attend the interview or not,since im not feeling confidence enough to face those challenging questions...but it maybe an once-in-a-life-time experience,plus losing the battle without fighting it isn't really my kinda attitude...so i decided to go for it,no matter i can answer the question or not,i'll just try my best!well,maybe when i can't recall anything what the doctors ask tomorrow,i'll just share with 'em my fun trip in these few days!hahax!!

owh what can i say...
life's like a box of chocolate
it's always full of surprises!!!

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