Tuesday, May 18, 2010

to be simple is to be enough

just came back from KL yesterday and had a really great time there^^
did lotz of shoppings...swimming...and eating!!!

thanks to my pretty godsister

was having buffet brunch at Shangrila Hotel,the food was super super nice!!!i love those desserts & pasta & pizza the most,esp the choc fountain!!whoohoo~

cards-staking with my cutie cousin when im bored...XP

and now im back to Ipoh...return to my usual hols routine...which is simple,but indescribably contented & happy=)

the taufu fa that my mummy & i enjoying is the nicest in Ipoh!!!
you guys gotta try this!!!

ooyea...today i cooked the world's most delicious mushroom carbonara pasta and homemade fresh garden salad!!!at least i think it is...XP

who's hungry now???hehehe

ooyea...this is my latest hairstyle...tried the c-shaped fringe instead of the slanted one...wakaka...although it doesn't look really obvious lar 'cz i couldn't accept it to be toooo "C" aka mushroom-ed...hehehe

see ya next time round~
ps...today's the 1st anniversary for my bloggie's visitor counter,and it reaches 5444 visitors!!!i love 4,my lucky number^^

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