Monday, January 17, 2011


dear readers

i'll be off to Bangkok,Thailand tomorrow for the first ever oversea conference
so you may not see any new post during the entire week
will be flooding here with stories,experiences and pictures
just stay tuned with my return:)

so have i well-prepared for this conference thingy?
well i afraid so...
been doing a lot of background readings on my group's topic regarding anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa...
now only i know that how lives are devastatingly affected by these eating disorders
what struck me hard is that bulimic patient may even go into an extent of searching food from the garbage when they feel like binging but can't find any food in the house!!!
scary huh@,@

well i can't wait to learn more about adolescents' health from this conference!!!^^

★     ★     ★

no matter how wonderful things are
there is always "however"

there are prices to be paid...

i've spent quite an amount of my parents' $$$ for this conference
which i can't help feeling like a bad daughter

i need to skip lectures,clinical teachings and PBLs for almost 2 weeks of GUT block!!!
im optimistically hoping that i'll be able to catch up with it after i come back

im feeling sososo selfish and guilty for leaving my CNY wushu performance!!!
those junior performers,the whole wushu team have long became a large chunk of my life over here...
although i know that they'll be in good hands
with helpful seniors that have promised to help
plus the remaining colleagues whom are capable
i shouldn't be worrying
but i just can't help it
mind you that i really couldn't foresee how critical this period is when i made my decision
owh everybody please take care
i'll be back real soon
looking forward to see your progressions and improvements when im back
*evil smile*

★     ★     ★

ooyea our 2nd year MD exam result has released yesterday...
i've passed with an A

thanks to woei chyuan senior!
for briefing us on PE for every blocks and never fail to answer our mountains of stupid questions
and also giving us extra practices and revisions

thanks to wushu seniors:ming jian,jia wen,chun chao,kenneth,wei honn,ying xiang!
for providing helping hands to take care of our CNY wushu performers during our study week,exam week and also the 1 week hols after the exam

lastly,thanks to my parents!
for your endless love and moral support
by listening to my rants almost everyday during the study week when i was so stress

★     ★     ★

i know you're bored already...

to myself:
have a safe journey
learn as much as i can
and enjoy the whole conference thingy to the fullest
so that the prices paid are worthwhile

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  1. jia you ^^
    haha~~y bulimic patient got such weird action??