Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the rules

life is so far busy yet enjoyable
yea there maybe times when i become irritable
times when i get pissed at somebody(im just being honest^^)
but the happy moments spent doing something that i like
totally outweigh the negative part

i guess this is the rule of life
to ALWAYS look at positive things in microscopic view
whilst looking at negative things in macroscopic view

happy elements do not always come without consequence
im worrying about my Genitourinary Block

one last thing that i'd like to share...

to juniors who have contacted me asking whether they can join our Wushu histology briefing
im really,truly,extremely sorry and regretful that i've said "no"
of course we would like to help everyone of you
but i really hope that you all will understand our circumstances
as there are already a bunch of noisy wushu juniorsXP
and i don't think we can handle more than this
or else things will not run smoothly and will be time-consuming
plus these are rules and have been running for generations...
don't worry,every performance will have at least one very "geng" senior to brief their respective performers

PS♥♥♥you guys can always ask for our help whenever you're facing any problem academically,and of course we'll try our best to help...there's no politics,just helpful seniors,because these were how our seniors treated us,to make sure our studies will not be affected despite of the tight training schedule for CNY practices...

so plssssssssssss~
don't hate us

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