Monday, July 27, 2009

tiny dedication to myself

"don't online anymore...go study!!"
i was stunned and traumatized...
and this was a piece of order given by my ex-college mate...
even my mom didn't did that to me
but i do understand his intention...
a good friend of mine indeed=)

finally finished regurgitating NURSING BLOCK!!^^

by the way...
i went to wushu practise today and i enjoyed it!!
it reminded me of those cherished moments we shared in KMPh...

tiny reminder for myself ♥ ♥ ♥ study hard and smart--quoted from future-to-be dr. little yellow

it's time to sleep...good night world~
more encounters and joys are awaiting me ahead...
so do you guyz!


  1. yo~someone is syok-sendiri-ing...

  2. huang, if you are really interesten in knowing who that person is...please follow steps stated below:

    1. walk to your bathroom
    2. raise your arm and grip the doorknob and make a tiny twist
    3. step into your bathroom and search for a mirror
    4. look at the mirror and the person inside...