Wednesday, July 29, 2009

welcome home, daddy~

yeah! my daddy will be arriving home today...
finally! after 2 weeks of working outstation...
welcome home, dad...
though im not at
but i know you miss home as much as i do
and i know your craving on the fishhead noodles...
*stomach growling*

it has been raining every night here in kelantan
and i love the cooling and calming effect after those rains
since when did i start to develop liking in rainy days?
am i losing my sunshine, even without my own knowing?
i hope not...

im being labelled as a "stay-at-home-girl"
simply because of my refusal to hang out with those parteeyyy kinda friends
and i seriously do not like to be labelled so
because it's not true...

dangerous creatures are crawling on the street
bad people are loitering around
i don't know whether im being exaggerate or not
i just don't like late-nights-outing

im outgoing
i like to exercise
i like to shop
i like to watch movies in the cinema
i like to hang out with friends during daytime
i like to spend hours in kopitiam and chit-chat with my friends
so ain't no "stay-at-home-girl" okay...
everyone of us has our own thoughts and values
stand firm and hard
be unshakable
be undistractable
stay true to yourself
you will survive

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