Monday, October 5, 2009

im totally alive

halo friends!!!
while everybody else is looking and identifying microscopic slides CNS neurons in lab...
well...just wanna grab the chance to update my story once in a while...
and here you go!!

my life is still as busy as i last mentioned...
with all kinda activities arranged sooo tightly until i don't even have time to have my dinner...
okay,im gonna restrict myself just to blog for half an hour...


but i gotta tell you that these few weeks are my happiest period ever since i entered this university...
i gotta know more new friends and gotta know my old friends more...
im using my time wisely to study whenever i got time to so so...
i can play violin everyday with my musical band...
im practising for our wushu performance everyday, with crazy friends and...
i gotta sweat very much everyday which can achieve 2 purposes in one time:to diet & to release tension!!
im feeling alive, once more!!!
though im fully exhausted when the day ends
though i got all those blackie-greenish spots appearing on my ankle
though i gotta skip my lunch or dinner,sometimes
though im sick of coughing and cold
though i got less time to facebooking and blogging
anyway...who cares??
im enjoying life now and this is of utmost importance
=D a few pics taken during our USMkk Raya Night last night which i like to share with you guys...

we are roommates!!and we are purple!!!hohoho

annrie & i...first time saw her wearing baju kebaya...looked elegant huh?

she's of our music band members...she can play cello!!!^^

she's ying hui...a very talented medical can never imagine how artistic she is...hehe

she's of the prettiest model wearing malay traditional costume last kmph buddy as well!!

yea...i gotta introduce him,don't worry,he's definitely not my boyfriend!!XD
he's yichuan,one of the most intelligent among our badge...he studies hard,but plays hard as well!!quite a nice friend of mine...i can foreseen him being a great doctor in 5 years time...hmm~my role model...keke

and he's choudhry...a naughty chindian taking dental course...a funny and friendly guy, clever as well!!

he's choosoon, my old friend--cheeyan's senior...hahax!!hmm~i think those coming from ayer tawar share the same "pattern"...a nice soul, he is!!ooyea, he plays the viola...we play music together once in a while=)

he's kah sui, a cool and serious guy who has a funny name--"add water"...hahax...last night was the only chance where i saw him smiling through the night...other times?he'll be putting a tiger-looking face which can scares everyone away,but not me!=D

he's ziyad,one of our mooncake musical band members as well, he plays the electric guitar...erm, i think he's a malay mixed chinese...a funny and bubbly guy

coming up next is...chee keong, our mooncake project manager, a typical KL guy who likes to "wandering" on the street till latenights,but!!he's intelligent!!what kinda weird expression is he making???

PS♥♥♥my first term MD exam's result will be released tomorrow!!this is totally nerve-wrecking...wish me luck everyone!!^^

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