Thursday, October 1, 2009

this is what i called LIFE

life has been hectic since i returned to my university campus after the raya holiday...

the toughest topic for 1st year medical students--NERVOUS SYSTEM has started and it is really complicated!!!we even had four lectures in a single day!!those notes are driving me craaazzzyyy,again=)

 ❤our campus' mooncake festival is just around the corner on 16th october...and according to USM's tradition...mooncake festival is a huge project 100% involve by USM's 1st we are really putting our whole effort and heart towards involved in 2 performances this time,wushu and musical performance...i thought it would be boring as i took part in exactly the same performance i did last time and the also the previous times...BUT!i tried something new though...for wushu i learnt taichi which i never learnt before..and for musical performance we are going to play a rock song which i think will turn the entire Nurani hall into a rock zone^^

we medical students in USM gotta organise a community placement programme and my group will be going to do our community service at a Down's Syndrome Children's really looking forward to this activity and im the Exco for Special Task...wakaka...i wonder which kinda special task i gotta do...XP

this coming weekend we will be having Hari Terbuka Desa, or the so-called Expo Kampus, which will be held for 3 days!!!and we gotta set up a stall and sell something as an assignment for our STUPID bussiness course which we only have to PASS^^

this weekend i'll be joining our campus' health walk from 9am to 7pm...wonder why i became sooo keen in walking???'s all because of the merit marks it will grant me...'cause i really need those merits in order to get a place in USM's hostel next year!!=)

i didn't tell lies right??
im really hell!!!

OMG~this is the least thing that i've wished for in this critical period!!!
but i know it's my fault that im kinda neglected my own health while living through this hectic life...
my class ends at 4pm and i've got music jamming session at 5.30pm
my jamming session ends at 8pm and i've got wushu training at 8pm
right up to 11.30pm
im really putting in alot of effort in the preparation for our mooncake festival's performances
i really hope that my efforts is worth-while...

my favourite jamming session!!!the one playing the drum is Mike, our musical performance director..the one standing on the left is Ziyad, our guitarist...i reall enjoy those jamming sessions!!!music is still my life and soul^^

and...recognise her??she's my roomate, geok xin!!she plays the keyboard!!!wow!look at her sitting posture while playing...haha!!

***more interesting pics will be uploaded!!stay tuned!!^^

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