Saturday, October 24, 2009

its a lovely morning

i woke up at 6am though my class today starts at 10.30am
i did my laundry
i finished digesting one of the most lengthy lecture notes of CNS--"blood supply of CNS"
i ate one kiwi =)

and im happy with myself!!^^

few days ago i just realised that i had actually spent 4 months in USM
i was toooo "free" and i reread what i wrote when i first came here
i realised too that many things have changed
and i gotta say that things are actually getting better and better
4 months are just enough to sift out the bad among the good people
and all i need to do is to stay away from them
not bad huh??^^

i realised another thing...
my time is running out!!
gotta rush for my lecture!!

 the day i FINALLY got my white coat,which i spent 70bucks and waited for 4 months!!but it looked pretty and fitting with me...wakaka!!

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