Saturday, October 9, 2010


good morning readers:)
it feels good to hang a smile every morning when we wake up,isn't it so?

thanks to my family and friends' concerns and consultations...
im feeling much much more better now!!!
emo is flushed away,together with my s**t just now

i think angels are always surrounding us
they are ready to help
its just that you never try to ask for it

my dad is my angel
he listens to my problem,gives me advices and pulls me up whenever i feel drowned...
days ago when i was in near-drowning state of hectic life im living
he taught me how to let go
of the least important things 
so that i can have more time to heal my soul

another angel that i encountered yesterday was a 5th year medic senior
my friends and i was so blurred,looking blankly at the patient's ECG,didn't know how to interpret it...
and then he just passed by
and i asked for his help
he just took a sit beside us and tried to explain everything about ECG to us,patiently...
he even found a patient with heart murmur for us to auscultate
which he claimed that its actually quite a rare case to find such obvious murmurs
owh really thanks to him and i finally able to listen to how a murmur sounds like!!!

its 10.30am now...
its time to go for lecture
let's welcome the 3rd week of cardiovascular block with enthusiasm and the curiosity to learn!

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