Saturday, October 16, 2010


just feeling sooo glad that HTD has come to an end

for the entire 3 days of Hari Terbuka Desa...
all the committees os HTD Wushu Stall need to wake up at 5am every morning to do preparations so that we can start selling our food by 8am...
for once in a life time...
i experienced the life of a hawker
and im thankful that im a future doctor,but not a hawker!!!hehe^^

the food that we sold for 3 days included:

Ipoh specialty: Ice-blended Red Bean!!!^^

Chinese Herbal Eggs

Kacang Kuda

Glutinous rice balls with pandan flavor or with choc fillings...with either ginger soup or soya bean soup
the ginger soup was the nicest!!!^^

our second home for these 3 days

family photo:consists of 4th and 5th year seniors,2nd year committees and also 1st year helpers...
i simply  my wushu family here

ooyea!!!not to forget my HTD Wushu performers!!!they only started intensive training 2 weeks before the event and managed to put on a good show...GOOD JOB!!!

we were selling from 8am right up to 9pm++
shifts are divided of course
but as committees,we're actually required to come to the stall to help out whenever we're free
expectedly,some not-so-responsible fellar didn't even come and help at all
and give loads of stupid reasons
i didn't meant to shoot them
but i just couldn't control myself

perhaps i need to regurgitate a lil bit of my short-circuit character
and to learn how to accept that there are indeed loads of bad people with bad characters and bad personalities around me...

papa taught me that whatever we do
just stick with what you believe that its right
cz God is watching
other people may not see how much effort you put into
or they may not see how irresponsible other people is acting
but God knows^^

✿     ✿     ✿     ✿

actually i wanted to tell you guys about this few days before
but due to my busy schedule
i just didn't have the mood of telling
and i think now is the best time to tell...


Owh Gosh i was sooo excited
when my fren Hoyi,the president of AMSA(asian medical students asscociation) told me that there are vacancies left for this conference,and after i talked to my parents(im still the good daughter^^)
i just agreed to join!!!
really can't wait for that...

its time to sleep...
we'll be entering the final week of CVS block and i still have loads of lecture notes from the past 2 weeks that are left untouched...
its time to stop dilly-dallying...

im HERE to become a DOCTOR!!!
not an ACTIVITIST!!!
bear in mind,vivian:)

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