Monday, May 18, 2009

daddy's not in the house...

"Shoot for the moon,

and if you miss you'll still be among the stars..."

By Cecelia Ahern,
from the book, P.S.I Love You

"Vivian~~Wake up!!Do you wanna have breakfast with us today??" A warm, familiar and manly sound yelled...I love this morning call sooo much, sometimes from my mummy, and today was my daddy. Well, i thought i might have love this morning call too much that it had been quite a habit for me to hear it several times before i actually climb up reluctantly from my warm nest. I stepped out from my house...Hhmmm~another bright, sunny day!I love sunny day the most and I hate it when it rains...and then, we headed to my dad's favourite fish-head noodle stall...An important starter for my dad to start his journey, he called it...and YEP, he's travelling for another bussiness trip again, for a week.

BANG!!Bad luck...the noodle stall is taking off on Monday...Anyway, we managed to find another nearby stall to have our breakfast, life has to go on though, even though our favourite stall is closed!=)

That's how we bidded goodbye to my dad today.Maybe it was my first time doing so, i was actually feeling kinda heavy, unlike my mum, who already went through this many times before. The house sounded extremely silent without my daddy. And I already started to miss him after he has gone for about 3 hours...Besides, life's somehow more boring without my daddy...I was thinking: "how did my superwoman mummy managed to live life without his husband and her elder daughter before when i was still studying in matriculation?"my mummy's really cool huh??^^ **two thumbs up!**

Anyway, again, life has to move on even my daddy isn't around right? i'm now playing the "joker" in my job is to lighten up the boring atmosphere of my family's daily lives, crack lame jokes occasionally and make everyone laugh!! at least my time is occupied now, and bye-bye to endless now revived!!
We had homemade fresh garden salad for our without-daddy-dinner!!yummy~~

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