Tuesday, August 11, 2009

blissful post

location: MY bedroom^^
status: totally blissed by the air-conditioned, safe, calm and peaceful atmosphere

im trying to calm myself down...take a deep breath...wait...it's getting incontrollable...
yeah!!!im home...finally~
a big BIG =)

its only a six days holiday
and now only five days left
im going to make full use of it i promise

full use=study+play

so i promise that i'll TRY to study

coming up next is photo-sharing session...
just some random shots^^

took this while i was walking long-distantly under the big-bright sun to go back to my hostel...the building you see here is actually my hostel...looked pretty huh??i mean externally...lol~

joanne & i...we took the flight from KB to KL and then from KL we only go back to Ipoh...it's proven that the travel duration is about 4 hours faster than those who are taking bus from KB to Ipoh!!!yeah~and we noticed that USM's students are the only one wearing mask in KB aiport...=="

skeleton & i...don't worry, he's a fake one...hehe

BUT!!!this is the real one...look at the suture, it's slightly movable...cool!!

annrie & i...wearing masks in a congested Dewan Utama to listen to H1N1 update given by the USM authority...all students were present and it was a real cramped situation...

this is my favourite microscopic slide, i took it personally myself!!hehe^^...they are cute by the way...lol

i went to Tumpat trip organised by the Buddhist society in usmkk...it was a real fun!!and this is one of the great pics taken...

we celebrated lawrence's birthday at cheng mai restaurant...all of us were wearing party hats...hahaha^^
KMPh buddies again...=)

and today...i bought, i mean my dad bought me an external hard disc!!!and she's a real pretty and gorgeous lad~
my baby laptopie has a brand new look!!!TAADAA~~
cute huh?^^

special remark ♥ ♥ ♥ the night's still young but i gotta study, A BIT!!hehehe...see ya next round kay...oyasumi nasai~


  1. not cute lo ...the laptop cover...XD

  2. *clearing my throat*
    its laptop skin lar, not laptop cover!!=D
    and it IS cute for me...
    and that's the most important thing to my laptopie~