Tuesday, August 4, 2009


time♥♥♥ 12.56pm
venue♥♥♥ in my tiny little cubicle
status♥♥♥ ran away from seminar, A.G.A.I.N ^^
halo world~~~
it's me again...
guess what??
i just had my first ever foreign language class last night!!
and this semester i will be taking...
*drum rolling
actually i was planning to take german but they didn't offer it in USM...=="
i was kinda excited
and yupz~
i was having lotz of fun...
the only thing is...
there are homeworks to be completed
we have to practise writing and memorise all those japanese words
like we used to during primary school, remember?=)
being a pure chinese and english-lover and not a japanese-fans
im now starting to develop some interest in japanese language
and it's like a tension-reliever for us medic students
will be having another 3 hours class tonight...
learning to write japanese words is like learning arts
*two thumbs up*

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