Wednesday, August 19, 2009

life in captures

Halo world~
belows are just some random pics for the recent touch-ups...
enjoy your stay here!

i've changed the look of my study table!!! with pink polka-dots!!hehe^^
i bought a pensonic table fan because my cubicle is simply too hot for me to study
i placed it on a box...mind the box...the contents inside are all F.O.O.D...
this was taken during the 2nd last day of my holiday, at ipoh parade..and i was teaching my parents how to make use of the big BIG mirror in an outfit shop!hehe...simply wanna close up the generation

yo~guess who he is??hehehe...
this was also taken on my 2nd last day of my holiday...
the cheesy mussle was indescribable YUMMY!!!

during the last day of my stay at Ipoh, i went to watch Harry Potter,FINALLY...with my bro and sis...even though there was rumours saying that Jusco is contaminated with H1N1...the movie was nice indeed!=)

~so long professor Dumbledore~

my movie ticket...

well, being a healthy generation...we went to PoloGround in the morning...XP
nice view huh...

of course, no matter where i go...never EVER forget to take pics!

my dad and bro playing badminton...

oh this pic is simply too sweet!!! ~~

the 3 of us kinda tried tree-climbing...
a nice shot by my bro...
my cutie sis & the tree!!hahaha


  1. vivian, u change so much jor ler...miss u ler..wakakax~

  2. hi dear~really??i changed?...external appearance or what?...hahax!!=)
    yea...miss you gals oso...gotta find someday to organise another 5sc1 gathering!!!hehe^^

    *keep in touch~♥