Saturday, March 19, 2011

seeking for the brightest moon

mum told me that tonight, 
we can see the brightest moon over the centuries

i walked out from my room
looking for the moonlight
but what i see are thick, dark clouds
that completely obscure the moon

i walked to the opposite corridor
finally, i found it!!!
but it's not as big and round as i've expected

this reflects life
isn't it?

*     *     *

our eyesights are blocked by those clouds
we tend to judge things/people wrongly

when you look from a different angle
if you're not giving up on seeking the truth
you'll be able to see it

be prepared
the truth maybe ugly

so ugly that you regret seeking for it

*     *     *                            

dad asked me to be careful
"be careful of?" i asked.
"everything." dad said.

*     *     *

the Earth is no longer a safe place to live
natural disasters strike the most unexpected land
a form of punishment i believe
but to whom?
the bad AND the good

someone told me that the world can never be fair
bad people get the credits
while good people get the penalties
this happens in every seconds

*     *     *

the world that im living in...
it makes me feel so insecure
sometimes i don't feel like i belong here
but my dream does
that's why im not giving up and run away

*     *     *

a heart of gold
it's merely a myth

if it ever exists for a second
it will be dead in the next second

will this ever come to an end?
kill my heart
take it away
i don't mind, anymore.

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