Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the silence killer

what's your problem actually?
why can't you just open your mouth and talk?
please don't look at me innocently and expect me to help
cz im totally tired of these 
i'll just look back into your eyes and smile

i used to help when you're facing problem halfway while discussing
i used to share what i've read and learnt
i used to contribute even if it's none of my business

the more help i've offered
the more dependent you are

there's no such thing as clever or stupid person

i care about the discussions
i hope everyone can learn something from it
so i put my heart into the preparations

i read
as much as time permits
as deep as i could understand
so that i can explain to you if you're having any doubts

but you?
printing those handouts means nothing
if you didn't really understand and read well enough 
if you're giving me surface informations i'd rather read that by myself
the purpose of assigning only one topic for each person is to reduce the workload
so that we'll have time to TRULY read and understand the topic,thoroughly

i used to throw many questions to you while you're explaining
but gradually i stopped
because i knew that you'll not able to answer it
and that will only makes you more embarassed

i knew some of you know something
you may know the answer
but you just refused to speak


speak speak SPEAK!!!

ps...i hope i didn't offense anyone...i just wanna voice out my opinion...and im just hoping that our discussions will turn from a dead into a lively one...

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