Sunday, November 1, 2009

im motivated^^

thanks dad!
for the lengthy journey you had to drive all the way just to pay me a visit...
thanks mum!
for your "longan tong shui" and all the yummy fruitsfruitsfruits...
thanks to my cutie plumpie little bro Jason 
and thanks to my coolie pretty little sis Vicky
for skipping class to come and visit me...XP

the trip you guys have given me kinda motivated me somehow

belows are some of the sweet pics taken during our family trip around kelate...^^

amongst all...this pic is my utmost favourite!!!

and this is my 2nd favourite...hehehe

my beloved daddy & mummy...i love you soooo much!!muackssss~

my 2nd term exam is getting nearer and nearer and i gotta accelerate to get my revision done...
hope i can improve just a little bit more for my 2nd term exam and then i'll be able to get an A-...hehe
hhmmm~sounded chalenging but im gonna try my bestbestBEST!!!
but in the meantime...
something is causing me some discomfort...
that is...

don't be shocked
don't be scared
this is what happened to my hands lately

i have been living with this annoying spots and colouring between my fingers for 3 weeks already!!
i was like a ball being thrown here and there
from student's clinic to family clinic to skin specialist in HUSM
but the pigmentation still persists!!
the professor told me that the best diagnosis he can made is lichenoid reaction with unknown cause...
*clearing my throat
i want my prettypretty hands back...

-appear as tiny dark brown spots
-darken over time
-color intensity is the highest between fingers
-only appear at dorsum part of my hands
-it's not spreading

any present or future doctor please???