Thursday, March 11, 2010

endless light

last night was the last buddhist weekly activity being held in USMkk
i attended that event and the theme was "Endless Light"
everyone was given a pretty lotus candle

"once your lotus candle is lighted,it denotes that the light in your heart is ignited as well...
whatever you're trying to achieve in life,this tiny light in your heart will guide you...
when you're in complete darkness, when you're lost, the light will give you strength and courage to continue the journey of life"
this is the meaning of "Endless Light"

that was such a meaningful event indeed^^

i think it's time to.........

introduce to you my new cutie cooking potie!!!!!

today i used it for the very first time to cook 薏米蛋花糖水...
hhmmm~i think it was quite nice and i love it^^
although some of my friends commented that it's weird to have this combination><
feeling proud and satisfied of what i cooked:)

***accelerating on the road of revision...jiayou!!

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