Tuesday, March 30, 2010

take 5...

just taking a break from my Renal Physio note, because since i woke up at 6.30am this morning, i didn't really revised much, means that im not efficient, which in turn means that i need a break^^
so many excuses huh...

many of my friends are heading back home, some have actually reached home...enjoying their slumber on their most comfy bed at home, and im practically stuck here...sleeping on a stony bed, closely accompanied by mosquitoes the whole night...afternoon is the worst though, i wear shorts & sleeveless shirts & turn on my private fan to the maximum speed, yet my room is still as hot as hell...well i can't help but to envy those who went home for the study weeks, its my choice afterall...HOME is way tooo dangerous, for my studies^^...So, keep holding on my dear...you'll have 2 months of holiday after this, you'll get to do whatever things you wanna do, you'll get to eat anything you like, you can turn on the air-con for the whole day until you get scold by mummy...XP

my friend said:"since we only wish to pass the Pro1 exam so that we can enter 2nd year of our medical studies, there isn't a need for us to feel stress.Stress is for those who wish to obtain an A's & Viva Distinction.As long as we know a lil bit from each lecture notes,it's already sufficient to pass..."


i can't agree to her statement no matter what...maybe what she said is true, because seniors did told us that Pro exams are not difficult to pass...but!we are studying not only for passing exams right? How are you going to serve the patients when you only know a lil bit of your lecture notes? Viva Distinction just sounded too far from me, so i don't hope to get it either...but im stressed! im afraid that i can't finish revising everything before i enter the examination hall, im scared that i can't remember enough anatomy+physiology+biochemistry to enter 2nd year, and im worried that i can't gain enough knowledge to serve people in the future...i don't wanna become bad, stupid killer doctors...

so i think its okay to feel stress, and its dangerous to not feeling stress...be it stress or not, let's try our best to swallow as much lecture notes as we can...hhmmm~how good would it be if the lecture notes are actually food, like chocolate??XP


i cooked red bean soup yesterday=)
it was my first time cooking it without help
and it gained quite a popularity from my friends

i think im growing up
'cause in my imagination only grown up girls know how to cook^^
mummy should feel proud of me

i took longer than 5 minutes....
almost 30 minutes in fact...

that's why i enjoy blogging
because i can let out everything i want
and gain back concentration to do things in life

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