Sunday, March 14, 2010

wow!a medal!

i wonder when was the last time when i won a medal for a sport competition?...
i think it was during my kindergarten times

im not a sport person you see...
im not good at playing anything spherical
to reinforce my statement above:
im sucks at pingpong,badminton,netball,football,softball and every spherical objects that you can think of

but i do love sports...
so the only sport that i enjoy is to jog
and if you don't mind, wushu can be added to the list too

and here comes the big thing that i'd like to share with you guys...

ta-da!!look at what im holding!!a bronze medal!!for the jogging competition in USMkk
again, im proud of myself...keke^^

♥  ♥  ♥

my girlfriends and i went to eat "pirated" pizza hut which taste nicer than pizza hut's...

it's soft it's palatable it's cheeeessy!!!yumyum~
another delicious food added to my list of kelantan's best cuisine hehe

we went to Mydin then,a brand new hypermarket opened few weeks ago
it's location is just perfect, situated right opposite to our campus=)
i wasn't planning to buy much things though...
just wish to buy some fresh fruits...
but then i ended up stocking up my snacks again>.<
i just hope that i can finish 'em before my end of year hols...
and yeeaaa im good at buying fruits^^
i bought cherry tomatoes starfruits guavas apples oranges

*revision is progressing smoothly...been cutting down my facebooking time...cheers^^

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