Thursday, March 25, 2010

its all about studystudy&study

it's only exactly 1 month away from our Pro1 exam!!!

3 weeks...
i will be having 3 study weeks
but im not going home
so unlike me huh
the reason is that i can't study at home:
too much distraction^^

revision is progressing way too slow
the weather is way too hot and dry EVERYDAY
and im like staying in a hot oven
trying to stuff in all the facts into my tiny little brain
so i think it's time to switch to another plan:
a change of study environment

sometimes i can't really believe that we are now on our last block for the entire first year medical programme, Host & Environment Block...
and it reminded me of the Biodiversity chapter i once studied during matriculation times
and it sucks you know
last time it was only the characteristics of that particular worm
and now we gotta memorise what kinda disease it causes, its symptoms, how is it transmitted, what kinda environment that favour its growth, its morphology under the microscope, how to differentiate it by using different agar blahblahblah~
what can i say...
i've got no other choice but to try my best, isn't it so?

to coursemates of my batch
i hope for nothing more but all of us can enter 2nd year in the coming semester
no repeats, no regrets, no tears...
so let's work hard together kay??
please do not hesitate to ask your friends if you're facing any problem...
we are meant to help out each other

ps...the girl from the wonderland, please treat your newly adopted little yellow doggy nicely,because he's one of my best friends and he deserves it

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