Wednesday, March 10, 2010


friendship is like marshmallow
it's sweet
it's yummy
it's colorful
but it's soft,weak and vulnerable
if you left it untouched for too long will just melt away...

special thanks to jie en's marshmallows
which elicited my inspiration

* * *

im not sure what have gotten into me recently
im not feeling as happy,contented and cheerful as before
i've turned into an emotional person whom easily gets frustrated

im trying to study as much as i can 
but that depends much on my daily mood
when i don't feel like studying
i will linger around my blog,facebook and my Happy Aquarium
when i feel like studying,finally...
sometimes,i mean most of the time
my study mood will be disturbed by visitors
but the thing is i can't neglect my friends and not talk to 'em
so i will end up chatting with 'em till late nights
wasting hours on saliva wastage
with the ultimate consequence of endless guilt

i've noticed too
that i've got loads of things to care and think about recently
which partly influence my concentration while studying

i must stop all the distractions
i must put an end to all these as soon as possible
i must gather up the shattered pieces and put 'em back into places

i need   from my marshmallows