Friday, December 3, 2010

all i hear is raindrops

so,here i am again
to continue yesterday's unfinished babbling
see?i never break my promise^^

do you know that Kelantan is now in rainy season?
it has been raining on and off and on and off and on... ...
i remembered few weeks ago it was raining non-stop for 2 days
and the longkang outside my room was out-pouring
while i was expecting a swimming pool right in front of me the next morning
a big,shiny Sun greeted me the moment i tied up the window's curtain

i just love the way the sun shines through my window
(sorry for the mess^^'')

and this is the view outside my window(phoebe has a winter scenery,me?a pool of waterXD)
anyway,the building you see here is actually my hostel last year...
obviously,the rain has stopped,but there's still a tiny pool of water that yet to be absorbed...
that was a really great morning,with the fresh smells of soil,grass and S.U.N!!!
believe me,you'll definitely miss the Sun and his Warmth after they have been missing for 2 days

just can't resist the temptation of taking a pic of mine with the Sun shining through

★     ★     ★

owh i can hear the raindrops now...
let's pray for a shiny morning when i wake up tomorrow!

★     ★     ★

another significance of blogging about the weather in kelantan is that
it's affecting my lifestyle...
when it rains,i can't jog
when it rains,i can't cycle
when it rains,my laundries can't dry
when it rains,my room turns into a refrigerator
when it rains,taking a bath is torturing
when it rains,it makes me feel lazy

most devastating of all...
when it rains...
im forced to stay in my room all day long
and the rain,it drains me out of energy!!!
i need to moooooove around~
i don't wanna hibernate~

★     ★     ★

time's up vivian
time to get back to your revision
heavy rain can't extinguish your burning spirit
you know it


  1. Vivian~~~
    haha~~yupe..heard my mum saying the same thing~~
    non-stop raining~~
    haha..wah..ur hostel so sempit le...
    Haha ^^ jia you for exam lo ^^

  2. hiiii girl=)

    yupz,its quite sempit lo but im already get used to it already,anyway,mine is a double room,the pic shown only my private space la...

    thanks,i'll jiayou de^^
    you enjoy your hols o!!=)