Monday, December 13, 2010

medical student's syndrome

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.  
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

eye bags...
dark circles...
the moment i looked into the mirror when i woke up this morning
i got a real shock!!!

nausea during late afternoon...
social withdrawal...
hyperpigmentation around the eyes...
reduced bowel movement...
memory loss...
i shall name it Vivian's Medical Students Syndrome
since its discovered by me

well,it sounded kinda bad
but actually it just wasn't THAT bad
yea it's not bad,i mean my revision progression
and even if its bad,i would not say that its bad anyway
i shall add another symptom into Vivian's syndrome:talking nonsenseXP

i think i've already gathered and put myself back into place
compared to days ago when every parts of mine are shattered all over
its all about determination,perseverance and passion
i believe in my capability
i can do it
i know it

♫     ♫     ♫

special dedication to my parents:

and don't worry,i promise that i won't commit suicide JUST because of studying...
i was just joking in the phone lol


  1. omg i think i got VMSS disorder too! XD jiayou!

  2. haha...good good,means im not alone

    btw,wow!your hair has grown so long already!!!XD