Saturday, December 4, 2010

sleeping early tonight

i went for a jog
it was a windy afternoon
the rain has finally stopped
the air was so cold that i felt like my lungs are gonna freeze
i sweat a lot and shed some of the calories
but immediately,i replaced it all with a heavy dinner

i have an average mood today...
not so happy yet not so sad
just nothing
and nothing means there's something which i can't figure out what is it

there are times of disappointment
when i really get sick of working with somebody who's not-so-responsible
when im really,really tired of being the initiator of everything
ending up being hated,maybe,by that somebody
im not so sure of the part of being hated
because when people hate you,they won't tell you the truth,they'll just pretend
that's the ugliest and most dangerous part of human being

there are times when i feel guilty
when i think myself as a bad person
when i think i might hurt somebody's feeling
however that's just a blind guess
because that person just looked normal in front of me
again,human beings are too good at pretending

there are times of stressful and depressed
when i can't achieve my revision list of the day
like today,im supposed to finished reading "Chronic Inflammation"
yet im here,blogging
because i can't read,so i write

its not yet even 10pm and im already feeling sleepy!!!
the lecture note of "Chronic Inflammation" is just laying in front of me,begging for my attention
but sorry i just can't read you
its of useless effort reading you now
when the gate to my brain is closed
and he said: please come again tomorrow! 

dear readers,
good nightC=


  1. foundation questions come out more in OSCE and esp MCQ, not so much in SEQ.

    all the best for your coming exam. :)

  2. thanks nicholas!!!

    just went for the trial OSCE yesterday and found out that im totally dead if they ask me to describe the gross morphology la and the histology features...

    and foundation block...
    its just so hard to stay inside my brain for a longer time...
    guess i just need to work harder and read more times though hehe